As WoW Classic's version of the AQ event rolled

World of Warcraft content creator Barny64 set off on a journey back in summer 2020 to be a Scarab Lord in WoW Classic's renowned Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event. After nearly two years more later WoTLK Gold, her documentary that chronicles her long journey has been completed and is possibly the most comprehensive look at the things that make the game's AQ event so unique.
For starters, let's look at the context. "The Scarab title Lord as well as an exclusive bug mount are awarded to players who complete an absurdly lengthy quest chain as part of the AQ event in a set duration of time. To get to this point is a server-wide collaboration, because players from both Horde players as well as Alliance players have to donate massive amounts of resources for the "war effort" to allow the event to kick off. The first player who completes the quest and then ring the Scarab Gong will actually bring the event to an end in a short period of time which will be celebrated by the start 2 new raids.
After that, it's a race to complete the quest before turning around before expires. This isn't even mentioning the reality that the quest practically requires a whole guild's worth of players to complete various stages with a particular part that requires players to collect 42.000 of a specific item by killing thousands and many bugs. It's for all the reasons above that few players ever won the title when it first took place in the vanilla version of WoW in 2006 and those who did , went down in WoW history.
As WoW Classic's version of the AQ event rolled around at the end of 2020. gamers were prepared. They knew what items to get and what they needed to do for the quest chain, and the challenges would need to be over. This was in contrast to the initial version of the event, where players entered without prior experience and only a small number of players could claim the exclusive title and mount, some WoW Classic guilds determined to have as many players claim the title as possible.
Barny64. an World of Warcraft rogue and just one of the more than dozen players who worked for Scarab Lord in her own guild. The result is a 4-part video series that delve into all aspects of the event - the stories, the quests, the drama in the guild, factions on the server, Horde as well as Alliance collusion--all of it. Two years is an incredibly lengthy time span, and more than a few players have been waiting to find out if Barny64 really did get her wish of becoming a Scarab Lord. This isn't a spoiler but the entire video series is well worth a look for a look at what makes MMORPG moments like that of the Gates of AQ in WoW Classic more than just an game-related event buy WoTLK Gold, but rather a social experience that can create some twice soon to be thrice, to be thrice, once in a lifetime events.
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