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Daddy cow welcomes you. Moo.


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Over 18's only. 

Please, if you are a sensitive soul this is not the place for you. embarassed


We cater for the disenfranchised. Been kicked off Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, Amazon, Instagram, Discord, BCT or Apple for no good reason. You are welcome here.


Both Joe Biden fans and Donald Trump fans are welcome. Even President Trump himself.  We will not be going on the app stores to avoid getting deplatformed. We recommend using Daddy Cow via your mobiile browser. We are considering a direct download Android app. We will not be hosting on Amazon like Parler. www.webworld.ie will be hosting. Jeff Bezos owns 0%


"No" to the cancel culture. If there is a problem we will spell it out clearly. None of the "you have violated our terms yadda yadda yadda".


Once we begin promotional advertisements in the future we will accept both gCn coin and Litecoin as payment. This is a crypto currency friendly website.




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