Jacob & Co Astronomia Solar Full Baguette AS900.40.BD.BD.A


Astronomia Casino: $1M Roulette Investment Didn't Return

In a casino, timing is everything. Sitting at the right table at the right time can be the difference between a jackpot win and a casino win. Now you can be on time with a high-quality, casino-themed watch.

Watchmaking specialist Jacob & Co. based the complication on its 2014 Astronomia Tourbillon. The watch strays from the usual high-fashion and timeless designs for more striking timepieces that feature plenty of detail depicting the movement of the sun, moon and earth.

The watch appeared to be the start of a new movement for Jacob & Co., who have since launched a new watch in a similar style, albeit this time with a roulette theme. Here are the details on this stunning new addition to the Astronomia family of watches.

Exceptional landscapes inspired by casinos
Whether you've played online roulette or never set foot in a casino, it's hard to deny that this is a unique timepiece crafted with exceptional detail and craftsmanship. The roulette table sets the backdrop for the typical Astronomia element sitting above.

The design of the roulette is creative, subtle yet bold enough to grab attention due to the unusual design of the roulette pattern on the face of the watch. The location of the roulette wheel is almost like a monument, or a love letter to one of the most famous and popular casino games.


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It's certainly a unique watch with a size too large to hide under your shirt sleeve. It's perfect for anyone who likes casinos or is indeed a roulette player.

Hands, Dial and Case
Watches aren't just about aesthetics, however. Watchmakers of this caliber are at the top of their game when it comes to using quality materials and designing their pieces into awesome timepieces. The piece is powered by the manufacturer's in-house manual, the Caliber JCAM2A, which has approximately 60 hours of power reserve and runs at a tick rate of 3Hz.

The watch's internal engine is hidden underneath for extra protection. But when looking through First Class, it is visible from above in all its aspects. For anyone who needs to wind the watch, two keys are located on the back of the case for easy access, yet tightly sealed to maintain the refined aesthetic of the casino-style timepiece.

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