Animal Crossing's Tom Nook flies thru the air after being shot

Animal Crossing's Tom Nook flies thru the air after being shot with a Nerf Gun in Nook Miles Ticket a hilarious viral video which has obtained incredible fan edits.
Animal Crossing's Tom Nook meets a horrible Nerf Gun destiny in a hilarious viral video. Fan reviews on Tom Nook have constantly been divided all through the series, with a few harboring resentment over the large quantity of Bells they need to supply Tom Nook in Animal Crossing video games to improve their home. With such sturdy fan critiques, it is no longer surprising a video of Nook being hit with a Nerf Gun has grow to be so popular.
While his position has modified barely in each Animal Crossing entry, Tom Nook has been Buy Nook Miles Ticket  a regular in every recreation for the reason that collection began. He tends handy in running the metropolis's popular shop along his followed sons Timmy and Tommy, in addition to coping with gamers' home loans. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook's Getaway Package is what first brings players to their new island. He is also instrumental in convincing each the Able sisters and Animal Crossing museum director Blathers to set up on the island.
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