IGVault Guide To League Of Legends Betting In 2022

League of Legends online betting requires the knowledge of the game, its rules, and gameplay, as well as following the recent news and main game events. Here we offer an overview of the whole betting process on one of the most popular esports titles. A brief description of the game, most important tournaments, and skillful teams will come in handy when you start wagering on LoL.

LPL 2022 Spring Split Overview

This will be the first split of the 10th year of professional League of Legends from the LPL (League of Legends Pro League) from China. Edward Gaming won the summer split of the 2021 edition, beating FunPlus Phoenix 3-1 in the final of last year’s event.

The two new entrants this year are Anyone’s Legend and Weibo Gaming, who will be looking to make a quick mark on one of the best local League of Legends tournaments in the world.

Let’s break down some teams that are considered favorites and some others that could make for value plays in the odds board for the winner of the spring split from the LPL.

LPL Betting Tips and Strategies

The LPL is one of the most competitive League of Legends tournaments out there, so it might be a little hard to exactly plan out the bets right from the start. With that being said, however, there are a few guidelines that you can consider below.

First of all, the Chinese League is known to be the most chaotic out of all the regions in the world, period. It’s in the teams’ DNA to look for fights whenever they can and these can blow out all over the map. This is because LPL teams excel at punishing the opponents: once an opening is found, most of the time it always turns into a fight or skirmish. For this reason, the LPL is also one of the bloodiest leagues, with some of the highest kills scores. If you want to start LPL betting, then make sure to check out the LPL odds on the total kills or team kills: your chances will be greater.

Another thing worth looking at is to pinpoint which are the most consistent teams. They will help you understand the other teams relative to a constant benchmark, so it will make you also have an idea of how teams will perform against each other in the future. Note that some top teams can be highly volatile and might compromise some of your bets, especially at the beginning of the split.

Nonetheless, considering top teams is always a good thing to start with. Last year, for example, EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up were top 2 most of the season, and it will likely be the same for 2022. Speaking of top teams, here’s our brief rundown and opinion of the teams for the upcoming 2022 LPL Season.

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