Anonymous Instagram Story: Best Tools to View Stories Anonymously

Do you want to spy on what someone posts in stories, but don't want the profile owner to know? Today you will learn how to view an anonymous Instagram story. That's right, you'll learn how to view anyone's stories anonymously.

Anonymous Instagram Story: What’s the Need?

Many people want to “follow” someone’s life, but they don’t want that person to know. One of the ways to do this is to use some tools that allow you to view any anonymous story on the social network.
Other social networks like TikTok also allow you to view someone's stories anonymously. In this post, there is a list of apps to view stories anonymously on TikTok.
When you publish a story on Instagram, you can see who people viewed that post. This way, if you don't want the story's author to see that you were snooping, you can use the alternatives we'll list in this post.
If you want to increase views on your Instagram stories, there are some strategies that can help. Firstly, it is important to create quality and relevant content for your followers.
Use the tools available on Instagram, such as filters, stickers and polls, to make your stories more attractive and interactive. Additionally, try posting at different times to assess the best time to reach your audience. To buy story views, simply search for specialized services on the internet.
Another strategy is to use relevant hashtags in your stories to increase visibility. By adding a specific hashtag, your content can appear in searches related to that topic, reaching new followers and potential customers.
How to view anonymous stories on your computer?

If you want to use your computer to view an anonymous Instagram story, there are several websites that allow you to do so. You can view stories anonymously without having to download any programs on your PC.

Check out a list of alternatives below for viewing anonymous stories on your PC:

Looking for a way to view Instagram Stories without being detected? Look no further than mSpy. This reliable mobile monitoring product offers a powerful Instagram tracker that allows you to view stories anonymously, as well as monitor messages (including hidden and deleted ones) and track device location with ease.
You can also access private Instagram accounts without signing up or being noticed. With mSpy, you will have complete and anonymous control over a target device's Instagram presence quickly and easily.
Did you know that you can view Instagram stories without being found? You can also do it anonymously, which is great when you don't want other people to know about your online activities. If you're going to use an Instagram account under a different name or simply don't want people to see who you are and look for your profile after taking a peek, there are ways to do it through GlassaGram.
Watch Instagram Stories anonymously. You can save stories to your device or simply view them anonymously. This way, you can stay up to date with everything the person posts, without being identified. allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously on Android, iPhone, PC and cell phone. Just follow the step by step below:
1. Open your preferred browser on your computer or smartphone and access the website;
2. Type or paste the profile name of the user you want to see stories anonymously in the search box and press the magnifying glass icon;
3. View Instagram Stories anonymously ?
Insta-stories-viewer: Anonymous Instagram Story
Insta-stories-viewer is a website that allows you to quickly view stories from any profile you want. You just need to enter your username or website address and press Enter
The profile will appear for you and you can select the stories you want to see and check the feed posts too. You don't need to have an Instagram account to do this or log in to the Insta Stories website.
Your personal data, date and time of your visits will not be saved and the profile owner will also not be able to know that you have viewed the stories. Additionally, you can download posts and stories to your computer or mobile device.
Another way to view stories with photos or videos anonymously is to use a tool to download Stories. The Instawload website offers this option. Just enter the username of the account you want to spy on and it will show the stories published in the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

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Anonymous View for Instagram Stories

This is another extension for Google Chrome that allows you to see what a person has posted on Instagram Stories without them knowing. The Anonymous Stories Viewer app works on Google Chrome and you can quickly download, watch and search for stories.

This is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to view stories anonymously. Its use is not very secretive. Just install it on your Chrome browser and spy at your leisure.
View stories anonymously on iPhone (iOS)

If you want to have an app to view any Instagram story anonymously, here is a list of the most common suggestions for those looking for an app to view stories.
Story Ghost

One of the most popular apps for those who use iOS and want to view stories anonymously on their iPhone is Story Ghost. In addition to seeing stories without having to log in and be seen, you can use the same app to download any story you want. As long as it is an open account.
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Repost Story

Another way to view stories anonymously on the iPhone is through the Repost Story app. Just like the website for viewing Instagram stories Instawload, it allows you to download and, at the same time, watch stories anonymously. In short, it is a 2 in 1 app.
How to view anonymous stories on Android?
Now, if you are an Android user and want to have anonymous access to any story, check out our suggested apps for viewing an anonymous Instagram story:
Story Saver

In the same vein as iPhone apps, this Android app allows you to download and view any story. There are several apps in the Google Store with this name. This was the one we found with the best reviews.

Another app that helps you view stories without leaving a trace is BlindStory. It is a story viewer that works on Android cell phones. With it, you can view stories anonymously and download the ones you want.
Anonymous Instagram Story
Conclusion: Anonymous Instagram Story
Instagram Stories are great resources, and many people use them to promote a business or share their personal life. Using a tool to view an anonymous Instagram story has its advantages. For example:
View your competitors' stories;
See the stories of someone you have a crush on, but don't want to seem like a “clue”;

View the stories of an old relationship to “find out how things are”.

There are several reasons to view an anonymous Instagram story. Today you checked out how to view a story anonymously, whether on your computer or on your cell phone. As you can see, there are several ways and tools to view an anonymous Instagram story. The fact is that this feature can be useful for several things. Sometimes your cell phone is far away, charging and you want to know what's going on.
Of course, following the competition on social media and having an “invisibility cloak” will give you more freedom to spy. If you want to learn about other resources to boost your Instagram, be sure to check out our selection of articles on the topic below.

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