Jake Paul - WITNESS (Official Music Video)

Jake Paul - WITNESS (Official Music Video)

SAVE "WITNESS" TO YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY!! ➤ https://lnkfi.re/witness
SAVE "WITNESS" TO YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY!! ➤ https://lnkfi.re/witness
SAVE "WITNESS" TO YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY!! ➤ https://lnkfi.re/witness


INSTAGRAM ➤ https://www.instagram.com/JakePaul
TWITTER ➤ http://twitter.com/JakePaul


With this fight bag
Goin gulfstream
All year goin big on you boys
Gtb and a sf90 in garage
Please don’t make me list off the toys
I been tryna keep it humble for y’all
But the watch is 1 of 10 I’m sick of the noise
It’s a daily
Ion feel no remorse
SI cover but she feelin my Voice
In a 16 million dollar crib
Couple acres where I sit and record
You would think that it was feelin the void
Hungry like I never been here before
Fuck a 1
I did 2 a days
3 a days
That’s what opened the doors
Chasin paydays ended up on the floor
And I’m still stayin poise
And We been in a different bracket
Put my name up with the highest paid
Top 10 for anyone askin
Fucked around and over lapped em
Gapped em
They was caught up wit relaxing
I been layin out a blue print for em
I been doin it in fashion
Documentary on Netflix now
So they can tell you how it happened

The Paul name
Worth a billion
The B and it go like a synonym
Cleveland couldn’t see the vision then
Me and bron made em witness it
Kels got em all listenin
I been feeling like I’m Jonny depp
On the flying fox in the Caribbean
The goal was never to be fitting in
Security keepin a f&n
Me and the money are best of friends
Alec monop the collection (it was destined)
All the knockouts with the right hand
But the Richard look good on the left hand
Gone marry the queen of the Netherlands
Benny Frank gone be the best man
(Tried to tell you way to many times)

Madame Tussaud
Wax figure of my girl
Do that mean I got 2 ohh
26 with a net worth like this
Youd think I figured out a loop hole
Y’all done let me get into a new mode
Virgil maybach 2 tone
The _____ got me feelin to zoned
Pesos comin in pluma

Feel like a robbery leave the arena
money in the plastic
The paperviews was immaculate
Numbers lookin like a Taylor swift Drop
Call my manager to handle it
Your local manager couldn’t manage it
This the feeling of a champion

This how it feel to be outstanding
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