The Duel

The Duel...

All money from this video goes to charity.


Eret: @TheEret
Squidkid: @imasquidkid
MrBeast: @MrBeast

For a song I made that was inspired by technoblade. We made a music video and uploaded it on my music channel, but I recorded other footage, and wanted to make a video that represents just the Minecraft side of things, and that was extra meaningful to my fans in particular.

This video is meant to represent what Techno & I were doing when we were invited by Mr Beast to duel for $100,000, and then a recreation of the duel itself. This was one of the most notable moments of my life. This is meant to help us remember Technoblade, keep his legacy living on, while also contributing to charity.

Technodad helped make sure the duel captured the sportsmanship the original duel did. The rest was thought up and organized by me and friends, on our own budget to raise money for charity.

I debated putting this on a different channel, but it felt at home here. Back to regularly scheduled Minecraft content.
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