The Wild Story of New York’s Abandoned Skyscraper

This Manhattan skyscraper is tilting by 8cm.
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Correction: At 7:19 the text on screen should read “The details of the foundation system were never provided TO Pizzarotti”. This has been blurred in the video after publication to avoid confusion.
The name and title at 0:57 should read “Hiten Samtani, SVP of Content, The Real Deal”

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Additional footage and images courtesy of The Dronalist, Google Earth, Yahoo News, Bloomberg Quicktake and Christine Beldon.

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0:00 Intro
1:25 Context
3:11 Masterworks
4:00 Engineering 101
6:58 The Ongoing Lawsuit
8:09 Potential Solutions
10:25 Conclusion

#construction #architecture #engineering

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