Visiting the Fattest, Most Cigarette-Addicted and Least Visited Country ??

Ruhi Cenet is in Nauru, the least visited country in the world. Located in the middle of the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean and appearing just as a tiny dot on the map, it’s the smallest independent republic. Nauru is the most inaccessible country. Hardly 200 people make their way to this country each year. This is the least visited country in the world, even the closest countries are thousands of kilometers away from here.

Until recently, the locals on this isolated island had so much wealth that they didn't even know what to do with it. Once rich in phosphate deposits in 1975, Nauru became the country with the highest GDP per capita in the World.

Today, however, in these destroyed lands where no fruits and vegetables can grow, processed and fatty foods have become the norm. Nauru is recognized by the World Obesity Federation as the world's most obese country, with around 60% of its citizens are obese. The World Health Organisation also reports that Nauru has the highest cigarette consumption rate in the world.

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Project Assistant: Barış Kaan Baş
Editor: Ayşe Beliz Kurhan
Animation: Önder Darendeli
Video Editor: Selman Yaşar
Video Editing in English: Selman Yaşar
Project Manager: Esra Öner
Producer & Director: Ruhi Çenet
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