NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 7 “FINAL” (Official Music Video)

NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 7 (Official Music Video)

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I was missin in action like Chrisean tooth Back letting loose like a nigga had to point Imma god in Memphis who bigger than me The shit that they did I did at 16
He flexing his money we know that he broke Dick in her mouth NLE throat coat
He pressed bout a girl that’s fucking the city He tender we call him diddy
Choppa so big knock the weight off biggie I’m some like pussy this shit a get sticky Got me in that mode ion plan on glitching I’m back, nigga like I had an addiction
Dropped him Lego
He couldn’t take those Switches and dracos Shooters on payroll
Nigga don’t won’t no smoke they snoop dog We show up to yo door like uhaul
Lil nigga with a pistol stand tall
Quick to pop a nigga ass like a Adderall
Shaking the spot like a ass or some
Lil bruh sped he crash for none
Walk out the house with a mask and gun Better hold yo breath like a asthma pump
I move like the pope
100 some shots inna ghost
Better think twice don’t approach No regular Glocks
Know that it came with a box
We stepping like shoes and socks
One of the realest how can you not mention we slid out a civic now rolls Royce whippin She sucking and spitting double jerking twisting killing my kids like abortion clinics
Take some from who he line man
Nigga don’t feel like dying man
Cook em like grease in a frying pan
We don kilt mo niggas then the klansman
Kkk got ks on ks wanna fuck Kim k and make Kanye watch
Aye bay bay in the club with a drake gen 5 Glock Going down like joc
100 shots inna whip it was shot o’clock
He can run from Nigga but not from this Glock Don’t ask me if it’s one up top
That’s like asking Floyd Mayweather do he box
Walk down on his cat
9 lives he cap
Put his head in his lap we dicked em
Make the choppa clap
Make it sound like a rapper Imma hit this bitch with a rhyme
My dog sick em
Condition critical
Suspect nigga weon never been a victim 7.62 trip em
If I don’t got em tevo a get em
I might just O fuck that percs killing Slow fuck that, if I see his hoe Fuck That, last shotta flow fuck that


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