Why Some Sherpas Say There Won’t Be Any Guides On Everest In 10 Years | Inside Everest

Everest climbing-guide services — often provided by people of the Sherpa ethnic group — can cost $10,000 per expedition. At this price, the guide takes responsibility for climbers' lives as well as their own. They lead mountaineers to the top of the world, carrying heavy loads and providing emergency services. This is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Of the 332 people who died climbing Everest between 1921 and spring 2023, over a third were mountain guides.

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00:00 - Intro
01:07 - Leaving Base Camp
03:47 - Refresher Training
06:08 - Rescue Missions
07:45 - Khumbu Icefall
09:38 - Agency Costs
09:58 - Climbing Guide Salaries
11:20 - Gear Costs
11:43 - Why People Become Guides
12:40 - Some Say It's Not Worth It
13:19 - Phurba's Prediction
13:36 - Future Of Tourism
15:13 - Future Of Guides
17:22 - Credits

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Why Some Sherpas Say There Won’t Be Any Guides On Everest In 10 Years | Inside Everest
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