GAME OVER! TOYOTA'S New WATER ENGINE Will Destroy Entire EV Industry

Toyota unveils a game-changing water-based engine challenging the EV industry. This innovative technology utilizes water as fuel, promising to outperform traditional EVs. Explore Toyota's commitment to reliability and its meticulous process in creating this efficient water-fueled alternative. Uncover the potential of this engine to reshape the automotive landscape, revolutionizing transportation.

00:00 Intro
01:50 the reason why toyota a leader in ev didnt continue its ev engine
03:17 EVs and their issue
05:24 hydrozen engine and its complexities
08:27 earlier water engines and their problems
11:46 how did toyota makes ITS wats engine
13:00 WHY TOYOTA ( OR JAPAN IN GENRAL) is an ispiration to the world
15:20 can toyota engine truly destroy EV market ? Is it that perfect

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