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There are a few things Conor McGregor can't live without. From his very own whiskey brand (Proper Twelve) and a pair of UFC gloves to a custom Patek Philippe and his yacht, here are the legendary fighter's essentials.

Photos courtesy of David Fogarty at @ginger_beard_photos

Disclaimer: This video was filmed last year.

Director: Chris Smith
Director of Photography: Mar Alfonso
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Line Producer: Jen Santos
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Additional Editor: Robby Massey
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

00:00 Conor McGregor's Essentials
00:11 Proper Twelve
00:56 Topical Cryo Spray
01:23 UFC Gloves
02:11 St. Michael Pendant
02:54 Family
04:12 Patek Philippe
05:32 Yacht
06:27 Fans
06:58 Black Forge Inn
07:36 Gym

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