Traffic Stop Turns Into a MASSIVE Drug Bust!

Watch this intense body cam video as 3 girls get busted! It all started in October of 2023 when the DEA began an investigation after being tipped off about Latasha Weatherspoon transporting large amounts of drugs through commercial airline flights.

On December 19, 2023, body cam footage in this video shows Latasha Weatherspoon, Marlene Richardson, and Christina Enriquez being arrested after an early morning traffic stop in Indiana. This video details the DEA and police investigation that led to the arrest of the 3 girls. Watch the entire situation unfold, from the contraband found to the stories that don't add up!

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This video is about a Traffic Stop that Turns Into a MASSIVE Drug Bust! But It also covers the following topics:

Traffic Stop
Body Cam Footage
Felony Charges

Video Title: Traffic Stop Turns Into a MASSIVE Drug Bust!


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