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Putin's Visit to North Korea: Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Pyongyang for a rare visit, signaling deepening ties between Russia and North Korea and Moscow's need for weapons to support its war in Ukraine.

Greeting by Kim Jong Un: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally greeted Putin at the plane ramp, marking a significant diplomatic gesture as Putin arrived in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Animated Discussions: Russian state media reported that Putin and Kim engaged in an animated conversation for several minutes before heading to their motorcades.

Pyongyang's Preparations: The streets of Pyongyang were adorned with Russian flags and posters of Putin, highlighting the significance of his first visit to North Korea since 2000.

International Implications: The visit is a rare overseas trip for Putin since the invasion of Ukraine and a key moment for Kim, as it cements the partnership between Russia and North Korea against the West.

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