World of Warcraft Dragonflight: History of the Bronze Dragonflight

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Instead, Chronomu, a bronze dragon tasked with archiving significant events in Azeroth's history, is where the World of Warcraft system originates. It's interesting that Chronomu does this out of duty because she is a member of the Bronze Dragonflight, which is responsible for guarding the passage of time. What can fans who are curious about the bronze dragonflight's history discover about the timekeepers of Azeroth and their leader, Nozdormu?


Blessed by Highfather, Keeper of Time

After he and his allies vanquished the enormous, man-eating proto-dragon Galakrond, Nozdormu got the Titan's blessing, just like the other proto-dragons who would later become the Patronus of Dragons. Nozdormu was blessed by High Priest Aman'Thul, while other titans blessed other proto-dragons to become Patronuses and guard Azeroth. This blessing gives Nozdormu and the other bronze dragonflight members access to the timestream and the duty of preserving the one and only real timeline.


The Bronze Dragonflight has consistently adhered to this duty over time, staying far away from "present" concerns. Members of the bronze dragonflight, in contrast to other dragons, may view current events from their abode in the Caverns of Time. Despite their general seclusion, they occasionally seek assistance from Warcraft's mortal characters, converting those who ally with them into their Wardens.


The battle of the ancients, the world is broken

The War of the Ancients will be the bronze dragonflight's first significant test even though they have largely withdrawn from their duties. When the night elves unintentionally enter the Dark Portal with the deadly Burning Legion Warcraft faction, the War of the Ancients breaks out and the dragonflight is forced into action. Neltharion unveiled the Dragon Soul, his most significant innovation, during this time, which needed some of the dragon's power to control their demonic adversaries.


While Neltharion was successful in achieving this objective, the moment had come for him to confess his most recent allegiance, which was to the Old Gods. If not for the diversion, the black dragon that is now known as Deathwing would have taken almost all of Azeroth to his knees. Deathwing was forced to retreat by the dragonflight, but the ensuing carnage not only nearly destroyed the blue dragonflight but also instilled a culture of distrust throughout the dragonflight.



A temple intended to lock up the Old God C'Thun was mistakenly triggered by night elves trying to reanimate the deserts of Silithus centuries after the War of the Ancients. The silithid scorpion in World of Warcraft's Silithus desert region nearly fell under his influence. The silithid entered the Caverns of Time and forced the bronze dragonflight to intervene when it hesitated to aid the night elves.


Even though they were initially successful, the night elves' and the bronze dragonflight's combined strength was insufficient to drive the insectoids away. To assure their success, they then enlisted the aid of the Green Army, led by Ysera. The Bronze Army grabbed a piece of the Staff of Shifting Sands to protect the temple after they successfully repelled the troops of the Old God.


On, you may learn more about the history of the Bronze Dragonflight in World of Warcraft.

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