Elden Ring Player Made A Hilarious Pun For Their God of War inspired Character

A humorous pun was made by an Elden Ring player to describe their character's appearance, which was highly influenced by the iconic weapon from God of War. Veterans of FromSoftware will be aware that creating the most striking, graphically distinctive, and strange clothing line is the true goal of a game like Elden Ring. Enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes are available for purchase in-game.


Customization has enormous possibility in the objects, armor, and weapons strewn throughout the Lands Between in addition to Elden Ring's adaptable character builder. Discovering the ideal clothing is a delicate process that takes ongoing iteration from someone committed enough to do so. It involves hundreds of puzzle pieces that are never fully completed. Elden Ring players have created everyone from God of War Kratos to Morgan Freeman's portrayal of God, and the results are frequently stunning. Cross-game RPGs frequently draw inspiration from God of War, and Elden Ring is no exception.


Sensitive Pie 5371 posted an image to Reddit in which Tarnished, with the perfectly timed caption "Blaidd's of chaos," made no secret of their love for God of War. It's a play on the fabled Chaos Blade, a chain-firing weapon that has become synonymous with the game and is jokingly used to describe prominent players.


Tarnished basically assumes the appearance of Blaidd, the half-wolf, half-human protector of the sorceress Lenny, by donning a black wolf mask. Players are dual wielding Beastmen machetes, the game's heaviest curved greatswords, which, once burned into Kratos' flesh, are capable of dealing weapon-worthy damage as the Chaos Blades. The Ares-inspired Blaidd has the gauntlets, greaves, and Zamor armor of someone who has fought the Valkyries many times.


Reviews lauded the architecture and questioned the foes who farmed in Crumbling Farum Azula to build it, although the majority of them were there to produce comedies under the Blaidd moniker. BlaiddRunner is present and Beyblaidd is frequently cited, but someone wants to make a small correction. After realizing it was a prank, they continued by expressing their surprise at "how many people mispronounced Brad's name." The pun invites the reader to say "Blade," but due to the name's Welsh etymology, "Blythe" is more appropriate. It's unfortunate that Kratos lacks a scythe to rhyme with.


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