What are the best foam rollers on the market?

Foam rollers have become one of the best fitness tools for helping to relieve muscle pain after heavy workouts, improving your range of movement and increasing your flexibility and strength. They are easy to use, compact and inexpensive, and are an ideal addition to any home gym or workout space. These rollers provide the right level of compression to help stretch and strengthen muscles, reducing soreness and improving exercise performance. Foam rollers maintain their shape after several rounds of heavy-duty usage and deliver the right level of force needed to easily loosen up tight muscles. They can be used with or without weights and come in different shapes and sizes to fit any space and budget.


Choosing the best foam rollers depends on what you want to achieve for your workouts. High-performance models will allow for full body workouts and provide the highest levels of compression for maximum results. Standard rollers work to isolate muscles for individual workout sessions, as well as increasing cardiovascular fitness. Foam roller models also provide resistance for core workouts and increase overall body strength, stability and control.

Body sculpting workouts using a standard foam roller will focus mainly on the lower body, while a low-density model will target the upper body for maximum results. Higher density roller models provide resistance for cardio and targeting the chest, arms, back and shoulders.

Whether you're looking for a way to reduce soreness and improve your performance, or are looking to prevent injuries and strengthen muscles and joints, foam rollers provide a unique solution for exercising in the comfort and getting the most out of every workout. These small, lightweight devices can be found in public gyms and home fitness centers, but can be purchased and used at home for a variety of exercises. Exercise balls and other small rolling tools are usually too cumbersome to use when working out alone, but foam rollers make it possible to exercise in a small space while still developing strong muscles. The best foam rollers provide multiple functions including a resistance system that offers a customized workout for each muscle group, and a non-fatigue surface that reduces the occurrence of sore muscles and joints after a long workout. Some roller models even include a heart rate monitor to ensure you are staying within your target heart rate range throughout your workout.

In addition to providing a superior cardio workout, many quality foam rollers also have adjustable resistance for targeting different muscle groups during intense workouts. For example, the best foam rollers feature a dual-action design with tension that is designed to let you increase the resistance for your workout as your muscles become stronger.

This added level of resistance provides more of a challenge to your muscles and forces them to work harder than they would if the roller had simply remained static. Some roller models allow you to target individual muscles with light or heavy resistance. This is great for those who want to add extra resistance to their intense workouts.

The best foam rollers are designed with a self-myofascial release mechanism. Self-myofascial release is a unique component of many high quality fitness and exercise products because it provides a pain-free way to help reduce sore muscles and joints after an intense workout. A self-myofascial release allows a pressure point release of a particular body part (the hamstrings, quads, or biceps) through gentle, customized movements.

Unlike standard massage therapist Polina savelieva techniques, self-myofascial release is not painful, and it provides a lasting effect on the targeted muscle group. Using a self-myofascial release on the muscles of the lower back prevents chronic pain from reoccurring.

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While foam rollers may seem simple, they provide tremendous benefits for relieving chronic pain and promoting overall fitness and health. Using a roller in combination with proper massage therapy and a healthy, balanced diet will lead to a decrease in soreness and the prevention of muscle soreness. For those recovering from an injury or looking to prevent further injury, the addition of a roller during a physical therapy session can provide a powerful solution.

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