Where to Find (and Capture) Volarend in TemTem

To obtain Volarend in TemTem, Tamers can capture and evolve Zephyruff, or they can unlock the higher rarity late game area of Volarend. So this guide will tell players where to find (and capture) Volarend in TemTem, players can also prepare extra Temtem Pansun to help capture Volarend.


As with any type in TemTem, when using this winged wind and poison TemTem in this cute Pokémon-style biofighter, it's important to recognize which opponents Volarend is effective against, and what trainers should avoid which creatures. With its toxic properties, Volarend is best against water and natural types of TemTem, and is resistant to earth and other toxic types of creatures. Instead, trainers should be careful not to let the Volarend struggle with its greatest weakness, Electric. Although crystal and digital type enemies cannot deal additional damage to this Tem, it is best to avoid fighting them.


Capture Volarend in TemTem

In order to capture Volarend in TemTem, the TemTem Wiki recommends that trainers investigate the following locations:




Rarity: 5%

Location: Spy


Rarity: 25%

Location: Cloud Island


Rarity: 30%

Location: Kilima Peaks




Rarity: 60%

Location: Corrupted Badlands


Rarity: 50%

Location: Gardens of Aztlan


Rarity: 35%-95%

Location: Kupeleleza


Rarity: 50%

Location: Mawingu Islets


Rarity: 20%

Location: Jino Gap


From the information provided in the index above, the trainer can conclude that Kilima Peaks of Kisiwa offers the highest chance of encountering Volarend in TemTem. Additionally, the table above shows where players can find Volarend's un-evolved form, Zephyruff. Once Zephyruff has been upgraded 22 times, it can become Volarend. As such, tamers can find Zephyruff in multiple locations, but Kupeleleza on Tucuma Island seems to offer the highest encounter rate of any TemTem.


Since the two locations on Kisiwa provide a better chance of finding Volarend, it's important for trainers to know how to get to this island in TemTem. According to USgamer, players can enter Kisiwa by completing "Tukma Shipwrecked!", in which the tamer will be given the Jumping Rock Hook, a must-have tool for traversing the later parts of the world. After receiving the hook, the player can travel to Kupeleleza and cross the archipelago passage to Kisiwa. Remember, there is a 5% chance of encountering Volarend on the way to the new island of TemTem.


That's all for a specific guide on where to find (and capture) Volarend in TemTem, if you want to learn more about Temtem subscribe to Okgameblog.com.

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