How to Unlock the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

Artificial Island 1.5 is the first update to Phantasy Tower, and it brings a lot of new content, giving players an island area to explore, complete quests, build their own home, fight enemies, and more. a lot of. To unlock new islands, you must complete certain tasks and reach level 50. So this guide will tell players how to unlock the artificial island in the Tower of Fantasy Tanium, and players can also prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium.


When is the release date for Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island 1.5?

The official Artificial Island 1.5 update release date is September 15, 2022. Game developers are very active as they try to give players new things to do. In addition to artificial islands, you can expect a Vera expansion for Tower of Fantasy soon. It seems that the introduction of new content in such a short period of time is to give players of the global version the idea of ​​something that already exists in the Chinese ToF version.


What's new in Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island 1.5?

There's a lot to unravel, so here's the essentials the Artificial Island 1.5 update brings to Tower of Fantasy:


The artificial island home system and construction characteristics in the Tower of Fantasy

This patch will make your homeless life easier as you can now build houses. There are many home designs to choose from so you can create a unique stay. Now you will no longer be just a wanderer because you will have a place to stay! You can get a well-deserved rest there, as there is so much to do, areas to explore and enemies to fight.

You need to reach a designated goal or level to unlock the building feature.

You will be able to collect building materials, craft items and have pets and servants.


The different dimension frost fire dragon in Tower of Fantasy

If you're looking for a challenging boss fight, ToF Artificial Island has you covered! Enter the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, which will test your skills. If you're successful, you'll enjoy some great rewards, so start preparing for that robot dragon (or is it a flying dragon?) monster clash.


Illusion Claudia is introduced in the artificial island of the Tower of Fantasy

Claudia is coming to the global version of Tower of Fantasy, but she's no stranger to the game. She's already available in Chinese, so we know she's an attack-oriented character. Her weapon is the red lotus sword with DPS resonance and physical element type damage.


Unlock the artificial island in Tower of Fantasy

According to Game8, the Chinese version of Tower of Dreams requires the following prerequisites for players to unlock the artificial island:


Complete Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Reach Wanderer level 55 or higher.

Follow the Vera storyline, which is available at level 14.

In Vera's story, Chinese wanderers were able to get into a boat that took them to an artificial island. However, the island itself doesn't officially become a "player's home" until more quests are completed, such as finding a developer log about the map, reaching level 60, and progressing to 840 points in world exploration in the area.


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