• Kardashian
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      We're separating them from the Fashion group :)   They are big.  
    • Crypto tokens and coins
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      Some information on the world of Crypto.    
    • Podcast videos
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      Some online podcasts to watch 
    • Cosplay grown ups 18's
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      Some Adult cosplay for Y'all
    • Show business, films & festivals
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      Yes, it's all about the show.
    • Tik Tok pictures and people
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      Tik Tok feeds. Some Tik Tok links. Some news about Tik Tok people
    • Andrew Tate. The Top G
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      This guy has been cancelled by all the wokery the wizard could muster. He's still here. The man's man. Ok, they got him. Locked in a jail in Romania. Who needs a trial. It's bandit...
    • Tech
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      All the Tech from around the world
    • Fashion & Gossip
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      Fashion & Gossip says it all.
    • How to get rich.
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      How to get rich. Ok, not Andrew Tate billionaire Bugatti rich. This group is a collection of information and links. Maybe you can become a millionaire. Leave billionaire to  Elon and his...